Are you British or Irish and living outside the UK? Or are you living there but just sick of paying huge monthly bills? Either way KLiXX TV could be the solution for you. If you have internet, no matter where in the world you are you could subscribe to our fantastic service. Whether you have you own Firestick or Android device or you would like us to supply you with one- KliXX TV is designed for ease of use and is very easy on your wallet, our system can simply be slipped into your pocket and taken with you where ever you go. Whether its 24hr movies and box sets you want on demand or live sport seven days a week including ALL PPV events and premiership games including 3pm's we guarantee you a top top quality service. We also have Irish channels and all the GAA as well as UK and USA entertainment. Our prices are the best you will find on the market at £80 a year for the full package (if you have your own device i.e Firestick etc) or £160 all done for you and delivered to your door. It may sound too good to be true but look in our group we have 3,500 members they cant all be wrong can they? Enquire below about a no obligation trial. How does it work?

Our channels run through the internet its called streaming and its becoming more and more popular everyday, in fact even Sky, Virgin  and BBC use streaming now, satellite dishes are quickly going out of fashion as technology moves forward. Now you may have tried streaming in the past on certain sites and not been pleased with it, well this is different. Our software is specifically designed to run streams properly and we pick only the best quality streams to run through it. Not only that but our streams are updated hourly so that you are never without your favourite channels. Basically a stream is a normal channel but it just runs through the internet instead of through the airwaves to a satellite dish. We supply our set top boxes (free delivery) which have a quad core processor meaning a smoother viewing experience on as low as 5mb download speed.They come with a remote control (very similar to a Sky or virgin box) and are £99.99 for just basic Movies and TV shows and you do not have to pay any subscriptions its just a one off payment. 

Or pay an extra £80 (yearly) and get the full range of channels in HD, including ALL the sport and pay per view events and the premium channels.

We are very well known for our aftercare just join our Facebook group and read some reviews

We never take complaints off our page we just deal with them, join today!

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